Burn Permits - Outdoor Fire Permits

A burn permit is required for any outdoor burning within the City of Watertown. This applies to both open fire pits and all manufactured fire pit devices.  *PLEASE NOTE* This is different than a permit for indoor heating or indoor fireplaces. For indoor heating, please see THIS LINK FOR THE HVAC PERMIT.  

Burn permits are handled through the Watertown Fire Department. They are free of charge, expire on December 31st of the year they are issued (only one permit is required per address for that time period), and can be completed by the following options:

1. Apply Online HERE

2. In office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM at the Watertown Fire Department located at 106 Jones Street.

For the the City of Watertown, WI code regulating burn permits, please click the following link: City of Watertown Code Section 303-12(D)