City of Watertown Zoning Districts

The following zoning districts and their more indepth definitions can be found in the City of Watertown Zoning Code Section 550 or by clicking here.

Residential Districts:
Countryside Residential-10 (CR-10ac) District
Exurban Residential-1 (ER-1) District
Single-family Residential-4 (SR-4) District
Two-family Residential-6 (TR-6) District
Multi-family Residential-8 (MR-8) District
Multi-family Residential-10 (MR-10) District
Senior Residential (SNR) District

Nonresidential Districts:
Office District:
Neighborhood Office (NO) District
Planned Office & Institutional (PO) District

Commercial Districts:
Neighborhood Business (NB) District
Planned Business (PB) District
General Business (GB) District
Central Business (CB) District

Industrial Districts:
Planned Industrial (PI) District
General Industrial (GI) District
Heavy Industrial (HI) District

Planned Development Districts: Planned Development District (year-order of approval in that year) e.g.: (PD 97-2)