Engineering Permits


Fees associated with each of the following permits are accepted in the form of cash or check made payable to "City of Watertown".

Curb Cut Permits
Please reference this page for further information on curb cut permits.

Erosion Control & Storm Water Runoff Permit
The following form must be completed and submitted to the Engineering Department with applicable fees. Erosion Control and Storm Water Runoff Permit Application

Filling of Land Permit

Landscape Permit Application (Natural Landscaping)

Permit to Occupy ROW

Permits to Occupy the ROW are necessary for dumpsters placed in the sidewalk/street area and for any obtruction of the street/sidewalk area.  If dumpsters are placed on private property (private driveways, lawns, etc.) no permit is required.

Permit forms can be found by clicking on this link.  Once approved in office by staff, they are good for 2 weeks.  The $35 fee is accepted in the form of cash or check made payable to "City of Watertown".  Permits are renewable for an additional $35 fee/time upon review of the City Engineer/Street Superintendent. For any obstruction in the ROW of main roads/thoroughfares, we request you call (920) 262-4060 for pre-approval.

Refund Policy

Sidewalk Permits
Sidewalk permits are completed in house at the time of request.  Owner/owner's representative may request this permit.

There are no fees associated with this permit. If you would like further information on the City of Watertown's Concrete Specifications, please click here.  If there are tree roots affecting your sidewalk, please click here for further information and the permit required by the Park, Rec & Forestry Department.

Utility ROW Permit
For utilities/contractors who need to perform work in the street ROW, please complete the following form and submit it to the Engineering Department prior to any work:  Utility ROW Permit

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