Food Safety, Recreational Licensing, Retail Food

The Jefferson County Environmental Public Health Consortium serves as the licensing and regulating authority in the City of Watertown and Jefferson County for:

  • RestaurantsFoodSafeGraphics Box
  • Pools
  • Campgrounds
  • Recreation/Educational Camps
  • Temporary Food Stands
  • Body Art Facilities (tattoo and body piercing)
  • Retail Food Establishments
    • Groceries Stores, Bakeries, Convenience Stores, etc.
    • Mobile Food Stands


Licensing year is from July 1st through June 30.  Renewals for licenses must be returned before July 1st to avoid a late fee being assessed.  Licenses are not transferable.  All fees (license fee, pre-inspection fee, etc.) must be paid before license is issued.  Application for a new facility/change of owner can be found here.

In 2015, Watertown City Council and Jefferson County Board approved increases in all license and inspection fees.  For a list of all the new fees, click here.


All facilities are required by local ordinance to be inspected at least once a year.  Re-inspections are also required for facilities with priority items (formerly critical violations).  Pre-inspections are required for new facilities, change of owners, and significant remodels to existing facilities.  

  Reinspection Criteria (by facility type)
 Restaurant  Campground
 Pool  Tattoo
 Rec-ed  Lodging