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HydroCorp has been hired by the City of Watertown Water Department to complete
the Industrial and Commercial Cross Connection Inspections.
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Watertown Waterworks is receiving financing through the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (Wisconsin’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund), which is administered by the Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources and Administration along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to do the following:

•  Construct a new maintenance building with adequate space for inventory storage, vehicle storage, maintenance and painting facilities, meter testing facilities, and operator   facilities.

•  Demolish the existing Maintenance Building, Administration/Pump Building, Low Lift Pump Building, and Filter Building.

•  Construct a new Water Facilities Building at the Central Water Treatment Plant site to house the new high lift pumps and related valves and piping, a new iron and manganese removal horizontal pressure filtration system, a new control system, and chemical feed rooms. 

This construction will help Watertown to continue providing safe, quality drinking water for city residents and businesses.  Drinking Water State Revolving Funds are established in each state in the country to provide communities the resources needed to maintain and improve our water infrastructure that is so important to protecting human health.