Bid Requests & RFPs

REQUESTS FOR BIDSBelow are requests for bids for various projects in the City of Watertown.  Please click on the individual link for further information. Bid documents can be obtained from when they become available or search by Quest CDN project number at Quest CDN Search.  Please check back for periodic updates.  

Misc. 2020 Contract Documents (Please click on "Misc. 2020 Contract Documents to be directed to the list. RFP's are separate and listed below.)

Wastewater Department - BIOSOLIDS hauling 2021 thru 2023
RFP Forms for Bidding - Form A:  Signature Affidavit;  Form B: Form B: Receipt of Forms and Submittal Checklist;  Form C: Vendor Profile/Qualifications;  Form D: References

Addendum #1 - BIOSOLIDS hauling 2021 thru 2023
Addendum #2 - BIOSOLIDS hauling 2021 thru 2023