2022 Property Revaluation

The City of Watertown will be performing exterior inspections of every property within the city this fall, 2021. Our assessors will begin inspections on October 25th. They will be physically inspecting the exterior of all properties. The city will be broken into 2 sections for these inspections.

  • SECTION 1: Property north of Main Street will be inspected from October 25th through November 5th.
  • SECTION2: Properties south of Main Street will be inspected November 8th through December 3.  There will be well marked vehicles with the assessor’s name on the side, “ACCURATE”.

The purpose of these inspections is to update property data. It has been almost 10 years since our last inspections and the assessors must verify current conditions for our 2022 revaluation next year. The City is required by Wisconsin State law to perform a periodic revaluation of all properties  to ensure equity among all property types while bringing assessed property values in line with market rates.

The assessors will be taking new images of all properties, measuring any new structures and on some occasions will knock on doors to verify property information with owners. This new data collected will be used for the revaluation which will take place in 2022. Because it has been 10 years since the last revaluation, assessed values are no longer reflective of the current market. If you have questions about the inspections or about the 2022 revaluation, please contact the assessor’s office: info@accurateassessor.com or call 1-800-770-3927.

Learn more about how assessments work:

Watertown FAQ - 2022 Revaluation

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