Posted on 04/27/2021
This week is National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week. The theme this year is "Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives." With street construction occuring, please utilize extra caution within work zones - not just within the municipality, but also anywhere you travel. Be aware of flashing lights, signs, barrels, or workers in the road and be sure to eliminate distractions, reduce your speed, and give yourself plenty of room between other vehicles and workers. You can actively participate in spreading the word by following any of the activites at the National Work Zone Awareness Week site located at #NWZAW

Posted on 04/09/2021

The City’s consultant, Ruekert & Mielke, will be working in the field this spring to collect information on the stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). Ruekert & Mielke crews will be collecting survey information on the inlets, outlets, sediment depths and other features of the BMPs. Examples of the BMPs the crews will be working on include stormwater ponds, infiltration basins, and biofilters. If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 920-262-4060.