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Building, Safety & Zoning Forms
*Payments are acceptable in the form of cash, check made payable to "City of Watertown", or credit card.  For payments with cash or check, please provide a copy of the online permit so we know which permit to apply the payment to.  For credit card payments, please click HERE for online payment information.

We encourage you to call our office at (920) 262-4060 prior to beginning any project to verify the necessity of a permit.  Please plan ahead!!  Many permits can be issued the same day. Other permits (i.e. building permits, fence permits, pool permits, etc.) require review by one of our inspectors.  Due to limited staff and inspection hours, we highly suggest turning in all paperwork at least 1 week prior to the date you would like to begin a project.  All permits are good for 1 year from the date they are issued.

Building Permit Application - Commercial (also reference Building Permit Information)  This can also be submitted online HERE which you may utilize THESE INSTRUCTIONS for.

Building Permit Application - Residential  (also reference Building Permit Information)  This can also be submitted online HERE which you may utilize THESE INSTRUCTIONS for.

Building Permit - New Home Application 

Chickens Permit  please note that this also requires a Building Permit (also reference Building Permit Information)

Curb Cut Permits

Decks: Please click here for the regulations and please click on this link for the residential building permit

Demolition Permit

Electric Permit

Erosion Control and Stormwater Runoff Permit

Fence Permit

Filling of Land Permit

Fire Suppression Permit

Floodplain Information

Food Vending on Public Streets


HVAC Permit

Landscape Permit Application (to be submitted to the Street Department

Mobile Food Vending

Occupy the Right of Way (Placing of any item in the street or sidewalk right of way)

Outdoor Dining/Sidewalk Cafe Application

Plan Commission Application **Note** Requires staff review

Plumbing Permit

Pool Permit **Note** Requires staff review

Records Request

Refund Policy

Registration of Vacant & Foreclosed Buildings - Commercial

Registration of Vacant & Foreclosed Buildings - Residential


Sidewalk Permit

Sign Permit - for a permanent sign

Site Plan Review Application **Note** Requires staff review

Successor Conditional Use Permit Application Form

Temporary Sign Permit

Utility Work Within the Right of Way

Zoning Board of Appeals Application Form

Please be sure to:

*Locate your property stakes before starting your project.  If you can not locate, please contact a land surveyor for assistance.
*Contact Diggers Hotline  800-242-8511 before digging
*Be sure to check for any deed restrictions / subdivision covenants before starting work.
*Check for any easements that would be on your property.  These easements will require a minimum setback from the easement.

*Please note that payment is accepted in the form of cash, check made payable to "City of Watertown", or credit card . Please note that there are additional fees apply with credit card payments as detailed by clicking HERE.

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