Loans for Home Repairs

Article by: Julie Olver, Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium

Homeowners may be eligible for loan programs for home repairs. Watertown residents in both Dodge and Jefferson counties who meet the low to moderate income requirements can access no-interest deferred loans designed to cover a host of eligible home repairs. Application fees, if any, can be rolled into the loan. In addition, there are no monthly loan payments, and the entire loan instead becomes due upon the sale of the home.

Eligible repairs and upgrades can include roofs, mechanical systems such as furnaces and hot water heaters, plumbing, window and door replacement, foundations, siding and porch repairs and any handicap accessibility improvements. Homes must be owner-occupied, single family attached or detached units (such as condominiums). Some programs also accept multi-family homes with certain stipulations. In addition, depending on the loan program, the assessed value of the home after the repairs and upgrades are made cannot exceed $169,000. This requirement does not apply to all loan programs. 

A home inspection is required before any work is started and again at the completion of the project. Once eligibility is determined and the application is completed, a home inspection will be scheduled. The homeowner then gets bids from contractors based on the results of the inspection. Once the loan closes, the contractor, homeowner and program staff sign an agreement, and work begins on the home. After the work is completed, a final inspection is conducted and the contractor payments are issued.

Because they can change on a regular basis, the current income guidelines for eligibility and other program specifics are not included in this article.

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