Community Service Officer

Community Service Officer (C.S.O.), Amber Haumschild, monitors both timed parking and parking infractions in the downtown area, along with monitoring the out-lying parking lots for handicapped parking infractions.  The C.S.O. alleviates some of the officer duties by fingerprinting, taking care of walk-in found property complaints, checking 5-day violations, picking up abandoned bikes, matron duty, and various other duties. This position also works in the Records Department for part of the day entering parking citations and payments, assisting people at the front window, and taking in forfeitures for parking citations.


The CSO also oversees the Crossing Guard Program. Crossing guards are assigned to various street crossings throughout the city to assist children in safely getting across the street before and after school.  They are trained by the police department and have yearly training updates. Interested in becoming a crossing guard?   You may contact Amber at920-206-4221 or  VISIT OUR JOB OPPORTUNITIES PAGE FOR CURRENT OPENINGS AND TO DOWNLOAD A HIRING PACKET