Deduct Meter Application


DEPOSIT:            A deposit charge of $55.00 will be applied to the account for the address listed
                            on the application.   This deposit will be credited to the same account after the
                            meter is returned, tested, and found to be in good working condition.

YEARLY FEE:     A deduct meter costs $20.00 per year*, this charge will be placed on your
                            September bill.  This yearly rental fee will NOT be refunded when the meter is
                            returned.  If you return the meter prior to December 30th, you will not be
                            charged the yearly fee the following year.   *Approximately 4,300 gallons of water
                            need to be used through this meter, to offset this yearly fee, before you begin
                            saving any money.

 CREDIT:              You will receive credit for the sewer portion of the usage charges only.  You will
                             have to 
pay water charges on the usage through this meter.

Per City Ordinance, sewer deduct meters are not allowed for filling pools, they may only be used for watering lawns, gardens, trees, etc. and doing other outdoor projects that may require a lot of water.





Please tell us where you would like the deduct meter dropped off: