Police Department Directory

Chief of Police
Chief Robert Kaminski  920-206-4218

Assistant Chief
Assistant Chief Benjamin Olsen  920-206-4206

Support Operations Captain
Captain Randy Johnson  920-206-4207

Special Operations Captain
Captain Dave Brower  920-206-4205

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Gerstner - 920-206-4216

Jon Caucutt Detective Division - 920-206-4238 
Pedro Gallegos  Midnights Patrol - 920-206-4208
Jeff Meloy  Dayshift Patrol - 920-206-4215
Mike Roehl  Evening Patrol - 920-206-4209

Records Clerk
Sue Roe Records Department  920-206-4219  /  FAX 920-262-4013

Community Service Officer
Amber Haumschild  920-206-4221

Court Clerk
Debbie Schuett  920-206-4203

Detective Division
Detective Jake Reitz   Days  (920) 206-4237
Detective Jeremy Lingle  Days  (920) 206-4239
Detective Matt Lochowitz Days (920) 206-4236
SRO Evan Bresser  (920) 262-7500 ext. 6810
SRO Laura Bohlman  (920) 262-1480 ext. 5443
Investigations Technician Kirstie Ewing 920-206-4231 / Investigations FAX - 920-206-4213

Crime Prevention/DARE Officer
Stacy Schroeder  920-206-4210

Patrol Officers 
To contact an officer, call 920-261-6660

Officer Ryan Abbott 1st Shift
Officer Nora Achilli 3rd Shift
Officer Mike Beisbier 1st Shift
Officer Pedro Gallegos 3rd Shift
Officer Rob Heimerl 2nd Shift
K-9 Officer Jeff Hensley 3rd shift
Officer Jake Higgins 2nd Shift
Officer Mike Hoyt 1st Shift
Officer Alex Jeffers 3rd Shift
Officer Chris Karnatz 1st Shift

Officer Ian Keats 2nd Shift
Officer Scott Kind 1st Shift
Officer Dakota Lenske 3rd Shift
Officer Landon Muehlenkamp 2nd Shift
Officer Alex Nell 3rd Shift
Officer Raul Nieto 2nd Shift
Officer Jessie Peters 2nd Shift

Officer Kathy Riedl 1st Shift
Officer Jim Simon 2nd Shift
Officer Sam Sulzmann 3rd Shift
Officer Hannah Thies
Officer Jon Wehner 1st Shift
Officer Dayne Zastrow 1st Shift
Officer Nathan Zubke 3rd Shift

Officers by District
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