Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses Due January 1 Each Year
Licenses for dogs are issued for the calendar year and expire December 31.  You may receive a citation for pets not licensed by this date.  Reminder cards will NOT be sent.  New licenses are generally available in mid-December for the following calendar year.  A $5.00 late fee will be assessed for licenses obtained after March 31st.  City ordinances require ALL dogs to be licensed even if they do not go outside.  Proof of a current rabies vaccination before issuing a dog license.  

License fees are:
Non-altered dog: $10.00 yearly
Spayed/neutered dog: $5.00 yearly

Are you a new pet owner or did you just move to Watertown?  If so, below are the deadlines to license your pet:

  • When your pet is five (5) months of age and has obtained a rabies vaccination.
  • Within thirty (30) days of obtaining a dog over five months of age, or
  • Within thirty (30) days of moving into the City with a dog over five months of age.

License your pet at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office, City Hall, 106 Jones Street, Watertown.  For questions, please call (920) 262-4018.