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Employee Resources

The City of Watertown Human Resources office is located on the 2nd Floor of the City of Watertown Municipal Building, located at 106 Jones Street. The mailing address is PO Box 477, Watertown, WI 53094.

The City of Watertown is an equal opportunity employer with over 400 employees in a wide variety of full-time, part-time and seasonal positions.  Hiring for the City of Watertown is done at the individual department level.  Please visit the Employment Opportunities section of the web site to view current openings and access applications. 

Employee benefits are administered by the Human Resources Office.  Benefits offered to full-time employees include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, Wisconsin Retirement System pension, vacation, sick leave and paid holidays.  These and other benefits may be available to certain other classes of employees.  

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Delta Dental of Wisconsin - Dental Insurance
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Employee Benefits Corporation - Flexible Spending Plan
Aflac - Supplemental Insurance/Disability Insurance

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  • Personnel Handbook
    document _recordid 282
  • Direct Deposit Form
    document _recordid 283
  • FMLA Request Form
    document _recordid 296
  • FMLA Medical Certification (Employee's Serious Illness)
    document _recordid 297
  • FMLA Medical Certification (Family Member Serious Illness)
    document _recordid 298
  • Flexible Spending Claim Form
    document _recordid 299
  • W-4 Form (Federal Withholding)
    document _recordid 300
  • WT-4 (State of WI Withholding)
    document _recordid 301
  • Travel Request Form
    document _recordid 836
  • Dental Enrollment-Change-Waiver Form 9.23.2020.pdf
    document _recordid 1438
  • HEALTH Enrollment Form 9.23.2020.pdf
    document _recordid 1439
  • EBC 2020 Application 9.23.2020.pdf
    document _recordid 1441
  • EBC Flex Spending Enrollment Guide 2021.pdf
    document _recordid 1442
  • Dental Enrollment Guide 2021.pdf
    document _recordid 1443
  • ETF ITY Health Plan Guide 21ET-2158.pdf
    document _recordid 1445
  • Confirmation of Elections 2021 FT.pdf
    document _recordid 1453
  • DualChoice Newsletter 2021 ft 9.23.2020..pdf
    document _recordid 1454
  • LAW Vision-Not managed by the City of Watertown
    document _recordid 1455
  • Rebound Flyer for Employee Injuries
    document _recordid 1479
  • Work Comp Medical Form 2020
    document _recordid 1480
  • Employee Injury Reporting Form 2020
    document _recordid 1481
  • Compensation and Classification Review form.pdf
    document _recordid 1572
  • Grievance Form.pdf
    document _recordid 1573
  • Social Media Use Authorized User Agreement Form 1.13.2021.pdf
    document _recordid 1574
  • Workplace Harassment Complaint Form.pdf
    document _recordid 1575
  • Memo to Employees Emergency Leave Update January 2021 (002).pdf
    document _recordid 1576