The City of Watertown, along with Dodge and Jefferson County have identified a need to increase the level of emergency preparedness in Child Care Facilities in these areas. A Special Needs Task force that meets once a month has been started to help with this need. The Task force developed a survey which were given to licensed and certified day care facilities within these areas to gather data on how prepared they were for situations that could happen. The situations that were included in the survey were on-site and neighborhood fire, flood, severe weather, active shooter/hostage situation, natural disaster, pandemic influenza, violence in center, infrastructure failure, and abduction/missing child. From the data that was gathered from these surveys the Task force has worked to put together trainings for Child Care providers to attend to increase their knowledge of Emergency Preparedness and allow them to be more prepared for the possibility of something happening in their facility. The first training will be held in March 2014

child care facility           outside child care facility