Human Health Hazards

Jefferson County Environmental Public Health Consortium, with guidance under local nuisance ordinances and Wisconsin state statue 254, follow up on suspected human health hazards.  All complaints must be submitted in writing.  A copy of the complaint form can be found here.  

Paper copies of the complaint form can also be obtained at the Watertown Department of Public Health 515 S. First St. Watertown, or the Jefferson County Health Department 1541 Annex Road, Jefferson.

Wisconsin State Statute 254

Mold Information:

There is currently no regulatory standard for mold exposure, so indoor mold issues are difficult to resolve. For more information on mold including basic information, mold in your home, and landlord/tenant concerns, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website:

Helpful tips to remedy mold problems:

  • Control moisture in the air by using an exhaust fan in the bathroom, or a dehumidifier in high moisture areas like the basement
  • Use guidelines listed on the EPA website for mold clean up
  • Look for any building issues that might be causing moisture issues 
  • In winter time, be sure to wipe away condensation from window or patio doors to prevent mold growth.