Online Inspection Reports

Now Available Online: Restaurant Inspections!

The Jefferson County Environmental Public Health Consortium is happy to announce that restaurant inspections are now available online.  Inspections educate facility operators and employees on food safety and help to prevent foodborne outbreaks in Jefferson County and the City of Watertown. Currently, the website only allows viewing of inspections completed at restaurants, but as we move forward into the future we hope to include pools, campground, lodging, and tattoo/body piercing facilities.  

 The website is linked to the computer inspection program HealthSpace and updates overnight to have the most current inspections available.  Routine inspections may not post if a re-inspection is required.  After re-inspection is completed, both inspections will post online. If violations are noted, clicking on the violation      type (priority, priority foundation, or core), will provide a definition of the violation type. 

 Link to Jefferson County/City of Watertown:

Other jurisdictions are regulated and inspected by other local health departments or Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  If jurisdictions utilized the online inspection program HealthSpace and have chosen to publish inspections online they can be found at the link below: