Water Quality

The Jefferson County Environmental Public Health Consortium also ensures both drinking water and beach water quality.

Drinking Water Program:Well Example

Watertown Health Department contracts with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to be the regulating authority for the transient non-community (TN) water systems in Jefferson and Dodge Counties.  TN water systems are facilities that provide water from a private well to at least 25 transients at least 60 days of the year.  Examples of TN water systems include churches, parks, restaurant, taverns, and parks.  Watertown Health Department is responsible for annually sampling of TN systems for coliform bacteria and nitrate levels.   Also, we complete around 30 sanitary surveys in each county annually.

For more information on well construction, NR 809
For more information on Safe Drinking Water NR 812



Beach Water Quality:beach girl with frog float

Beach water quality testing is completed June, July and August for E.coli.   The three locations that are tested are in Palmyra, Lake Mills, and Cambridge. When levels are elevated, the Environmental Public Health Consortium works with beach management to post advisories and lower E.coli levels for safer swimming water.

Results for sampling can be found on www.wibeaches.us