Hydrant Flushing

 Hydrant Flushing
Why is it necessary?

The Water Department flushes all hydrants twice a year, in spring and in fall. There are three (3) purposes for flushing hydrants: 

1. To check for proper operation of the hydrant.
2. To check for proper pressure and flow.
3. To move as much water through the system in the shortest period of time as possible. 

The movement of water cleans the water mains and moves stale water out of dead ends.  Water discoloration will occur. This is normal. Water will be yellow to yellow-brown in color. In extreme cases, water will be brown to red. We ask that you do not use water, if at all possible, during the hydrant flushing hours, 7 a.m.-3 p.m., to avoid bringing discolored water into your home/business. Once flushing is done for the day wait at least one hour before using water. Discoloration could last one to four hours. The water is safe to use, but not pleasing to see. Should the discoloration continue, please contact the Water Department. 

Water discoloration can also occur at other times because of street construction or fire hydrants being opened. When this occurs, you should try not to use softened or hot water, as the rust can get into the softener and hot water heater and is hard to remove.