Don't Drink The Water

Anytime a large number of people get together, germs, bacteria, and other creepy-crawlies can exist! In an environment that is chemically treated and designed to kill germs and other disease-causing bacteria, some forms of bacteria can still sneak in! These include cryptosporidium, e-coli, streptococci, staphylococcus bacteria! It's amazing what lurks under the water! Fortunately, the chemicals used to maintain safe water kill most of these forms of bacteria. The best practice is preventing these creepy-crawlies from entering our pool water in the first place. We can all maintain our health by following the rules listed:

1. Always take a shower before entering the pool.
2. Always wash hands after using toilet facilities and/or when changing diapers before re-entering the pool.
3. Teach children not to drink the pool water.
4. Teach children appropriate places to go to the bathroom.
5. Please do not change your baby's diaper on deck; baby-changing stations are available for your use in the locker rooms.  
    Please dispose soiled disposable diapers in an appropriate location (trash cans). 
6. Patrons who are under age 4 or who are not toilet trained MUST wear leak-proof protective pants.
7. Patrons who have had flu-like symptoms, including diarrhea, should not go swimming.

                                                               Remember, don't drink the water!