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Watertown is indeed a forest made up of many different species of trees and other plants. If you stand on a high vantage point, you will be able to perceive our city forest which is composed of trees on both private and public property. Street trees are on public property and make up a very important part of our city forest. Management of our street trees is the responsibility of the Forestry Division of the Park, Recreation and Forestry Department. It is the intent of the department to make the property owner a part of our management program.

It is our goal to develop a management program which will assure the city of a safe, green and healthy city forest and to do so with the help and cooperation of the city's property owners.

Management of our street trees is an on-going challenge. For the most part, trees growing in the city right-of-way are attempting to survive in a very hostile environment. Often growing in poor soil, subject to various pollutants and roots forced to compete with concrete and asphalt, our street trees must withstand physical abuse from cars, trucks, snowplows, lawn mowers and people.

Municipal Code Chapter 484.

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