List of Recommended Trees to Plant

Recommended List of Trees For Street Terrace

Property owners wishing to plant a tree in the tree terrace and street right-of-way must first obtain a tree planting permit from the city forester at no charge.

A permit is required so that undesirable species of trees can be kept off the street right-of-way.  Undesirable trees (silver maples and box elders) cause many problems such as:  clogged sanitary sewer pipes, uprooting of sidewalks/curbs, and conflicts with utility lines.  They are very brittle, weak-wooded trees, susceptible to frequent storm damage.  The key to successful planting is to choose the proper tree for each location.

A Forestry Department representative will contact each property owner and meet with them to evaluate the proposed planting site.  All sites must meet the requirements set forth in the city’s street tree ordinance.