Street Terrace or Boulevard Tree Care Information

Young trees should receive approximately 8 to 10 gallons of water per week.  When Mother Nature is not providing adequate water it is best to thoroughly water the tree once per week.  Watering should be done slowly so that it soaks into the ground around the tree.  Additional watering may be required during drought conditions.  A good way to water a young tree is to use a 5 gallon pail with holes drilled in the bottom which will allow for a slow thorough watering and will help prevent runoff.

In most cases the soils in the Watertown area are quite fertile and addition fertilization is not necessary.  Should you choose to fertilize your tree, the best time to apply fertilizer is in September.  Do not fertilize in during the summer months.  Standard lawn fertilizer spread on the ground surface should be sufficient to meet the tree’s need.  A slow release type fertilize is preferred and will supply nutrients more consistently and over a longer period of time.  Soil incorporation is not necessary..

Wood chip mulch is very beneficial to the health of your tree if mulch is properly used.  We encourage property owners to replenish the wood chips yearly. 
Please do not place excessive amounts of mulch around the base of the tree, 3 t 4 inches is adequate.  Occasionally pull the mulch back from the trunk of the tree.

The department discourages the use of flower boxes around the base of the tree.  There is a danger of disrupting the tree’s root system, and the boxes hold mulch in contact with the tree trunk.   Please do not add top soil on top of the established grade.


The Forestry Department does not permit staking of city trees unless it is absolutely necessary to hold the tree upright.   The trees trunk will become stronger and more flexible if it is allowed to move in the wind.  If you feel that a right-of-way tree needs to be staked, please contact the Forestry Department which is currently at the Street Department at 920-262-4080.

The Forestry Department does not recommend wrapping of any tree trunk.

Please do not use any herbicides under the drip line of the tree.  Please use extreme care to prevent lawn herbicides from contacting the trees leaves. Do not add top soil over the root ball .

City ordinance prohibits citizens from pruning trees in the street right-of-way.  This is done to assure that proper pruning standards and techniques are followed.  City crews follow the pruning standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A300). The department does, however, encourage property owners to remove sucker growth from the base of the tree as long as the pruning is not structural in nature.  To perform this sucker removal, please use a sharp pruning shears, make a smooth cut closely to the trunk taking care not to cut into the trunk.  For trees which have been in place for more than five years, the suckering branches can also be removed from the trunk of the tree.  If additional pruning is needed, please contact the Forestry Department  at 920-262-4080 to schedule trees to be pruned.