Watertown Police Auxiliaries

The Auxiliary Police was formed in 1942 as a Civil Defense Corps during World War II under the direction of a County Defense Chairman. The primary function of the organization at that time was to assist residents in the event of an attack by a foreign country. Upon conclusion of World War II, then Police Chief Theodore Voigt asked the group to become an Auxiliary Police squadron. The group became the Watertown Auxiliary Police and have been assisting sworn officers at special events and major incidents demanding prolonged law enforcement services ever since.


The Watertown Auxiliary Police still performs an invaluable service to the community. Auxiliaries are assigned to law enforcement related community service functions such as Watertown School District sporting events, dances, and parades. Auxiliary Officers are also called upon as a resource in emergencies and large-scale special events such as Riverfest.


Auxiliary Officers are not commissioned as law enforcement officers and do not have the authority to make a full custody arrest. However, Auxiliary Officers are trained in traffic control and direction along with limited self-defense techniques and police radio utilization. Special Events such as parades and community celebrations require a significant number of officers to safely operate. According to Watertown Police Department Chief Robert Kaminski, “The Auxiliary Officers provide an invaluable service to the community. Without our Auxiliary Officers our sworn Officers would be required to work exorbitant overtime hours at special events such as parades, dances, sporting events and Riverfest.”

Auxiliary Assisted Events

  • Run From the Cops 5k, and 1K Youth Run
  • The Memorial, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas Parades
  • Riverfest
  • St. Henry’s Picnic
  • Icy Sidewalk Complaints
  • Lock Park Restrooms
  • Lights’N’Sirens


Citizens join the Police auxiliaries for a variety of reasons. Some have joined out of a desire to serve the community in a worthwhile manner. Others have used the Watertown Auxiliary Police as a stepping-stone to a career in law enforcement as a sworn officer.


Qualifications to become a Watertown Police Auxiliary include: U.S. Citizen and 21 years of age or older at the time of application, graduation from high school or equivalency, and of good moral character. Applicants must successfully complete an interview process and background investigation. Upon acceptance as a member of the Watertown Police Auxiliary, applicants are provided with a uniform and a standardized training program.

For more information regarding the Auxiliaries or to apply to become a member please contact Capt. Olsen at his direct line 920-206-4206 or contact him online using the form at the bottom of the page.


The Police Auxiliary Application is a PDF document. You may complete it on your computer, print it and then bring or mail it to the police department at:

Attn: Capt. Olsen
Watertown Police Department
106 Jones Street
Watertown, WI 53094