Premise Alert System

logo_premise_alert_systemTo better serve some of our most vulnerable residents and to benefit the community as a whole the Watertown Police Department has implemented a safety initiative called the Premise Alert System (PAS). The PAS provides families with a uniform way to educate first responders (police and fire personal) about any special needs a child or adult living at a specific address may have, before they experience a crisis. It may be a child or adult with autism, development delays, or cognitive disorders that may cause them to wander. It may be someone with a rare or complex medical issue that requires special handling. It could be an Alzheimer patient who wanders.

The Premise Alert System (PAS) was introduced to the Watertown Police Department in late 2008 by a concerned mother of an autistic child.  The system was actually implemented in the State of Pennsylvania and has slowly worked its way across the nation. The Watertown Police Department is the first police department in the State of Wisconsin to initiate the PAS.


The PAS allows families in the City of Watertown to voluntarily notify police and other first responders about their special circumstances free of any charge by simply filling out an emergency alert request and waiver form. These forms assist first responders by giving them advanced information before they enter a residence or interact with an individual with a special need.  This advanced knowledge leads to more accurate assessments and appropriate responses in emergency situations.  The underlying principal of the PAS program is that the more a first responder knows about a situation or individual before they respond, the more likely they will achieve a positive outcome during the interaction.

Remember the PAS is voluntary; all information provided can be withdrawn at any time.  The Watertown Police Department will make contact annually to verify and update all personal   information.