Public Records

It is the goal of this department to respond to open record requests within 10 business days. A “record” is any material on which written, drawn, printed, spoken, visual or electromagnetic information is recorded or preserved. Requestors are reminded to be specific when requesting information to ensure that the appropriate information is prepared. It is helpful if the requestor is able to provide the following information:


  • Date the incident occurred;
  • Location of the incident;
  • Names and date of births of persons involved;
  • Type of incident (i.e. theft, battery, crash, etc.);
  • Name, address and phone number of the requestor for billing and mailing purposes.


  • Cases pending prosecution
  • Cases which contain juvenile information
  • Cases containing medical information
  • Information containing personally identifiable information in accordance with the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act and other applicable laws.
How to Request Records
1.  Call the Police Department Records Clerk at (920) 206-4219 or
2.  Come in person to the Police Department, 106 Jones St. Watertown, WI during the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM or
3.  Fax your request to the Police Records Department Clerk at (920)262-4013 or
4.  Mail a written request to the Police Department Records Clerk at #2 above or
5.  If necessary, complete and return the Federal DPPA Permissible Use Form and the Federal Driver Protection Act Release of Information Waiver along with your request specifying the date of the incident, location, name(s), and nature of the police call. Please provide as many of these items as you can. If you have a police report number, please include that number with your request or
6.  Accident reports may be requested by email or phone from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). This information is located on the DOT website contact page in the Traffic Accident Reporting section. Please also read their Access to Wisconsin DOT Records for more information.

Record of Request                              Rate             Schedule

Case Report - black and white                     $0.25                     per page

Photograph - color                                              $1.00                     per photo

Photographs on CD                                           $10.00                  per incident

CD/DVD Images and Audio (includes CD)

911 Telephone Recording                              $20.00                    per incident

Radio Communication                                     $20.00                    per incident

Department Security Camera                     $20.00                    per incident

Intelligent Video Recording (IVR)             $20.00                    per incident

Private Audio/Video                                        $20.00                    per incident

Squad Audio/Video from Evidence Room      $20.00                    per incident

Squad Audio/Video from Squad Car              $30.00                    per incident

Shipping/Mailing of Record       Standard Rates Apply