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The water service responsibility question was addressed to the Public Service Commission for properties with two or more units, per city ordinance the owner has to put in separate shut-offs so that the water to each unit can be shut off separately and these shut-offs come after the main curb stop off the main.  The question was asked if after the service is completed, who would be responsible for the repair of the extra shut-offs.

Wisconsin Admin. Code § PSC 185.52(2)(b) discusses single connections and provides: a customer’s lateral shall be directly connected to utility-owned facilities, and there shall be no other customer connection downstream from the utility’s shut-off valve.  This does not apply to multi-occupancy premises, such as apartments, condominiums, and shopping centers.

This code provision requires that there only be one connection downstream from a shut-off.  This allows the water utility to isolate this customer for purposes of managing the account or maintaining customer plumbing.  Multi-occupancy premises can have a single lateral, but if there is more than one meter for billing purposes, then the utility must be able to valve-off each meter separately so as not to affect service to another independent customer. 

The language from your tariff (X-1) states the owner of a multi-dwelling has the option of being served by individual metered water service to each unit.  The owner, by selecting this option, is required to provide interior plumbing and meter settings to enable individual metered service to each unit and individual disconnection without affecting service to other units.  Each meter and meter connection will be treated as a separate water utility account for the purpose of the filed regulations.

This means that the owner is responsible for the shut-offs and would also be responsible for any future repair of the extra shut-offs.  The Municipal ordinance does not conflict with the Wis. Admin. Code or the utility’s tariff.