School Resource Officer

The Police School Resource Officer (SRO) serves as a liaison between the police department and the schools, as well as the community. The officer serves as a resource to the school, staff, students, frequently gives class presentations and conducts investigations regarding violations of the law where students are either victims or suspects. Working closely with students, families, school staff, and social service agencies, the officer attempts prevent young people from getting into trouble. Officer Evan Bresser and Officer Laura Bohlman have taken on the role of Police School Resource Officer for the Watertown Area School District.

Officer Bresser is currently assigned to work at the Watertown High School and Officer Bohlman is assigned to Riverside Middle School throughout the entire school year. Not only do they work during the school day, but many times they attend school dances and athletic events outsie of their regular work hours.


  • Provide early intervention to keep small problems from becoming large ones;
  • Divert students from the juvenile justice system when appropriate;
  • Serve as a liaison between juveniles and their parents, service organizations, school personnel and the community;
  • Provide information about legal matters to students, their parents, and school staff;
  • Work with school administrators on developing policies and procedures to keep schools safe;
  • Give classroom and other presentations;
  • Be a friend, counselor, and listen to youth with personal problems;
  • Investigate crimes on school grounds.


School phone number: 920-262-1480 ext. 5443 


School phone number: 920-262-7500 ext. 6810