Street Work Updates

The following are updates on current street work in the City of Watertown:

2022 Annual Street Program

Resurfacing Streets

Dayton Street – Clement Street to W Main Street (includes sanitary sewer replacement)

Werner Street – Kiewert Street to Hill Street             

Highland Avenue – Pleasant Street to Hill Street                                             

Kiewert Street – Highland Avenue to Werner Street

Air Park Drive – Gateway Drive to S Twelfth Street

Pawnee Street – Waldron Street to terminiation                            

Mill & Overlay Streets

Main Street – Hall Street to STH 16 Bypass (includes the installation of new sidewalk along the south side of E Main St from Summit Ave to Oakridge Ct)

Dayton Street – West Street to Clement Street

Resurfacing Municipal Parking Lots

109-113 Jones Street and NE City Hall 

Note: All streets listed will also include storm sewer adjustments and repairs.

Work is subject to change depending on approvals and the weather.