The Water Department has meters available to save you money on the water that is used outside. Since the water that goes through this meter does not go into the sewer system, you would not pay the sewer charges on this water but you will have to pay for the water.

A $55.00 deposit is required and will be billed on your account for this meter.  The annual rental fee of $20.00 is billed on the September bill each year, this rental fee is not refundable.

If the installation of a new lawn is included in your contract with your builder, please be aware that the cost of the water to establish the new lawn is NOT included and without this meter you will pay both the water and sewer usage charges.

If you would like more information about an outside meter, you can call our office at (920)262-4075 and if you are interested in using one of these meters you can fill out an application by clicking here.

Please note: Since there is an additional $20.00 charge for the meter, it will normally only save you money the first year that you live in your house. For existing customers, qualification for a deduct meter will be determined by the Watertown Water Department based on the previous years’ usage.

Swimming Pool Fills

You may contact a swimming pool water delivery company if you need to fill your pool quickly to keep the liner from moving or you can fill it directly off of your outside water faucet; usage charges will be billed for both the water and sewer if filled from your faucet.

You may want to check with your swimming pool installer for a list of delivery companies or check online or in the yellow pages under "Swimming Pool Water Delivery".

The fire department does not provide water for pool fills and fire hydrants and deduct meters may NOT be used for swimming pool fills.