Water Service Line Insurance Coverage Letter

Water Service Line Coverage

Property owners in Watertown have been receiving a letter regarding the property owner’s responsibility for the cost of individual service repairs. The information regarding responsibility on the letter is correct, the Water Dept. is only responsible from the water main in the street up to the curb stop, everything from the curb stop into the house, up to the meter and after the meter are the responsibility of the property owner, with the exception of the meter which belongs to the city.  Any repair of the property owner’s portion of the service is at the property owner’s expense. 

Also, in regards to the sanitary sewer, the property owner is responsible for the connection to the main in the street and the lateral to the property.

It would seem that the letter is offering insurance coverage in the case that repairs would be needed to your water service only. 

The City of Watertown Water Department is in no way affiliated with the company that sent the letters and we do not know whether it is legitimate or not.  We suggest you check with your property insurance carrier to see if you already have this type of coverage.