City Releases Inaugural Insight 2019 Report

As the City of Watertown continues to return to a “new normal,” Mayor Emily McFarland is releasing the city’s 2019 annual report, Insight 2019, that highlights the city’s achievements and milestones from the past year. The information in this report is a high-level summary of the city’s continued growth through new initiatives, long-term planning, and investments. 

“One of my goals when I was elected was to increase the visibility of our city government,” Mayor McFarland said. “COVID-19 has certainly put a bit of a damper on the timing of the release of this report; but I am pleased we are getting it out today. I want our community to see what we are accomplishing so they can see that their input is considered and that it is a vital part of the success of our community.”

McFarland noted that she intends for this report to be released annually and is interested in feedback the community has on what other elements they would like to see included. “This is our first year reporting our outcomes in this way, so it is certainly a work in progress,” McFarland said. “If there are other items people are interested in seeing in the report, I encourage them to submit those ideas.”

To find the annual report, click here.