City Street Crack Sealing

The City’s crack sealing contractor, Thunder Road, will be routing and crack sealing the following streets:
  • Welsh Road from W. Main Street to Pioneer Court
  • Carr Street from S. Tenth Street to S. Twelfth Street
  • Elba Street from Lisbon Street to Louisa Street
  • Lisbon Street from Elba Street to Lowell Street
  • Lowell Street from W. Main Street to Doris Street
  • Prospect Street from E. Arcade Avenue to Sandy Lane
  • Wisconsin Street from S. Third Street to S. Fifth Street
  • N. Water Street from W. Spaulding Street to Silver Drive
  • N. Second Street from E. Main Street to south end of N. Second Street Bridge
  • Kansas Street from Utah Street to River Drive
  • Humboldt Street from Richards Avenue to railroad tracks
It is expected that it will take Thunder Road one week to complete 2020 routing and crack sealing, weather dependent. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at (920) 262-4060.