City Storm Sewer System Surveying Continues

Beginning Tuesday, September 1St, they will start working in and around northeast part of the City.  They hope to have the initial survey work completed by the end of next week.

Long St       MH 06-067 to MH 06-066
Lisbon St    MH 06-047 to MH 06-046
Lisbon St    MH 06-044 to MH 06-043
Bonner St   MH 06-054 TO MH 06-052
Warren St   MH 07-076A TO MH 07-076
Elm St         MH 07-017 TO MH 07-016A
Dodge St    MH 16-064 TO MH 16-057
S Tenth ST  MH 16-051 TO MH 16-050
River Dr      MH 26A-123 TO 26A-120
S Third ST   MH 26A-120 TO 26A-132
Dakota St   MH 26A-124 TO 26A-128A
William St  MH 26A-076 TO 26A-083
Dakota St   MH 26A-082 TO 26A-081
Clark St      MH 26A-058 TO 26A-057
Clark St      MH 26A-064 TO 26A-062