Building Permit Information

When in doubt, check it out!  Please call our office at (920) 262-4060 before starting any project to verify the necessity of a building permit. 

If a building permit is necessary for an existing home/property, we will require you to complete a either a Residential Building Permit Application Form or a Commercial Building Permit Application Form, depending on the type of project you will be doing.  If the project is for a new home, please complete the new home application.

Along with the application form, we will require you to submit a scaled plot plan clearly depicting what the project is.  Please click here to read further information on plot plan requirements.

Once the application and plot plan are submitted, the Inspectors will review the information.  In roughly 2-7 days, the Inspectors will call you to let you know your permit is approved and ready to be picked up.  They will also let you know the cost of your permit at that time.  They get their fee calcuations from the City of Watertown's Building Permit Fees.

*Please note that we currently only accept cash or check for payment.  Checks may be made payable to "City of Watertown".

As your project moves forward, don't forget to call for inspections.  For reference as to when inspections are required, please see the When to Call for Inspections page.