Health Officer/Director

department head: Carol Quest


The City of Watertown is working hard to protect, support and unite the Watertown community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Below you will find the most recent information we have provided, and we will update as soon as we can once we are given any new information.

Want to volunteer?

If you want to volunteer to help with our COVID response, please sign up on the Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) site. Here's the link:
To volunteer for Watertown;
-Under Organizations, click “Add Organizations”
- go to County Organizations
- go to Jefferson County
- select Watertown Dept of Public Health
- enter the required information
- and submit �Ÿ˜Š

The City of Watertown Department of Public Health received support from the Watertown Health Board on Thursday, April 29th to transition away from the phased reopening plan to new, updated guidance. This change was proposed because the City now has widely available vaccine and is in a place of greater stability with active infection of Covid-19. Under the new guidance, the City provides recommendations of best practices and long-standing public health measures and shifts away from phases. Because we no longer have phases, the presentation that is provided today, and on Wednesdays of each week, will look different as well. Check out both below. 

People who have been vaccinated within the city (18)
 Community Resources
Worker Resources for Working Safely and Worker Rights
Restaurants/Beverage Options with Curbside Pickup/Delivery/Take Out
Grocery Stores with Pick Up/Delivery
Local Pharmacies with Pick Up/Delivery
COVID-19 Shopping Tips - Spanish 
COVID -19 Scam Warnings