Special Event Permit

Special Events Procedures

A "special event" is a temporary entertainment and amusement activity as defined as:

Open to the general public and organized,

Produced or sponsored by a person or organization which event is extraordinary in that it is not ordinarily conducted on a daily or regular normal average use basis as a lawful use of the premises upon which such event is to occur,

Cannot be held completely within the confines of an existing building on such premises, OR

For which event it is reasonably anticipated that the number of persons attending will at any time exceed the maximum occupancy of the existing building(s) on the property or will substantially exceed the regular normal average patronage and traffic generated otherwise attending such premises as a result of its regular normal average and lawful use. Such special events include, but are not limited to, festivals, carnivals, athletic or contest tournaments, picnics and fairs.

Any person planning to hold a special event as defined above shall be required to obtain a special event license prior to the event.

This requirement shall not apply to the following:  Any regularly established place of worship, stadium, athletic field, arena, auditorium, coliseum or other permanently established place of assembly for special events for which it is reasonably anticipated that the number of persons attending will not exceed the maximum seating capacity of the structure where the assembly is held.

Special Events that sole purpose is to celebrate a federally recognized holiday must apply but all fees will be waived.

Regulations, fees and insurance requirements are described in detail on the application form.

Application (If your event includes the sale of alcohol, a separate application is required)