Downtown Main Street Reconstruction Task Force


Task Force Presentation from September 8, 2021

Read The Downtown Main Street Task Force Recommendations Report.

Purpose/Vision: The Downtown Main Street Reconstruction Task Force was created in order to plan a strategic course of action for reconstruction of Main Street and to oversee, identify and delineate needs and preferences of the community for this area.

Background: Sponsored by Alderperson Tom Pasch and brought to City Council from the Public Works Commission, a resolution was adopted February 2, 2021 to form a Downtown Main Street Reconstruction Task Force.

Task Force Members include representation from:

  • Mayor Emily McFarland
  • Strategic Initiatives & Development Coordinator – Alex Allon
  • City Council: Alderperson Chris Ruetten
  • Redevelopment Authority: Nate Salas
  • Watertown Main Street Program: Melissa Lampe
  • Downtown Business Owner: Amber Smith
  • City Engineering Department: Jaynellen Holloway & Andrew Beyer
  • Watertown Historic and Downtown Design Commission: Steve Board
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation: Michelle Ellias
  • Watertown Chamber of Commerce Member: Andy Grinwald
  • Citizen at Large: Laurie Hoffmann
  • Youth Advisory Committee representative: To Be Determined