• Octagon House

    Welcome to our City of Watertown

    The Octagon House is one of our great attractions in Watertown .

  • City Hall

    Welcome to the City of Watertown

    Watertown City Hall.

  • Watertown Library
    Welcome to the City of Watertown

    The Watertown Library
Rock River Disc Golf Course Even though the weather is cooling, there are still outdoor activities available! The Rock River Disc Golf Course is open year round! The front nine holes begin in Brandt Quirk Park, to the left of the tennis courts. The back nine holes are located in the woods off of Carriage Hill Drive. This course offers a fun way to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery! 
Disc Golf 1Disc Golf 2
Last Weekend for Park Reservations

This marks the last weekend that the parks are open for reservations. Park crews will begin to winterize the parks starting Monday, October 20th. Reservations for the 2015 season will begin on February 2nd, 2015. Wedding reservations for the gazebo can be made a year in advance. Make your reservations now for your 2015 wedding! Gazebo

Currently Recruiting for City Boards, Committees & Commissions
Boards, Committees & Commissions

     The City of Watertown residents are invited to participate in the process of City of Watertown government. One of the most effective ways to participate is through service on one of the City’s citizen boards, commissions, or committees. Through these services, civic minded citizens become involved in their local government and make recommendations to the Watertown City Council. As a result, the City benefits from the vast knowledge, experience and expertise of its citizens. Thank you for your interest.
     Board and commission member positions are all voluntary and are appointed by the Mayor and the City Council. Once appointed the time commitment for each board/commission varies, some meet on a regular schedule, others on an as needed basis. Preparation for some meetings may require additional time obligations. Once committed, your attendance at all regularly scheduled meetings is critical.
Feel free to contact the Mayor's office if you are interested in serving on any of the City Boards, Commissions or Committees    Phone Watertown City Hall at 262-4000.